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Wayfarer M20 v10

Supplemental rules and ideas for core Microlite20. Complete games are not here, they are in the Microlite20 Variants area.

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Wayfarer M20 v10

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Wayfarer M20 presents 6 sections that are designed to be used in conjunction with Microlite20 Core rules. Its primary design goal is to allow M20 to be played with as few pages of rules as possible, without the SRD, and without limiting content to a few short lists. It seeks to provide alternate, fast-moving, and detailed systems to break free of the tyranny of lists, and provide game masters with the tools they need to instantly create limitless variety of original material.

SRD compatible material can be created using Wayfarer M20 such as new and original races, classes, equipment, weapons, armor, spells, magic items, magic weapons, magic armor, wandering monsters, campaign monsters, improvised attacks, hazardous effects, treasure hoards, traps, poisons, diseases, and prestige classes.

The intent is not to create content that is identical to the SRD, which is impossible. Rather, the intent is to create compatible
material. Meaning, that players will not notice a difference between a monster they fight from the SRD, and the monster behind
them that was spawned from MonsterMill20. A second goal of Wayfarer M20 is to include some of the innovations that have come to 3.X gaming in recent years. Much like Trailblazer and Pathfinder, Wayfarer M20 is Micro-3.75 Edition.

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