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Scroll usage in m20

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Scroll usage in m20

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Fun discussion started by @squirewaldo on scroll usage in m20-alikes over on itch.io. tl;dr version:

  • All classes can at least attempt to use scrolls.
  • Using a scroll does not require the sacrifice of HP as normal casting does.
  • Attempting to use a scroll requires a Skill check (DM fiat, but most likely Knowledge + Mind, or Mind for arcane and Charisma for divine, if you use 4 abilities) against a DC of 5 (an "easy task," representing the reading part) plus the HP cost of the spell if it was cast normally. For example, casting a 3rd-level spell is a DC of 5 + ( 1 + ( 3 * 2 ) ) = 12.
  • Failure on this Skill check can result in either: nothing (a wasted Action, the scroll remains intact), partial failure (the spell casts as expected and the scroll is consumed, but it does incur the usual loss of HP), or complete failure (the spell is not cast, and the scroll is consumed), as the DM sees fit for the situation or setting.
  • Magic-users always succeed using arcane scrolls, likewise clerics with divine scrolls. Each has Advantage on using the other type.
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