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Dust Devils!

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Dust Devils!

Post by squirewaldo »

http://www.bozbat.com/2022/10/12/monste ... st-devils/

Dust Devil Stats:

Hit Dice: 3d8
Hit Points: 13
AC: 17
Initiative: +7
Claw Attack: +4 Melee (1d4)
Breath of Dust: The leaders of a group of Dust Devils usually use the Breath of Dust to weaken their enemies so that the others can pounce on them with their claw attacks; a 10 foot cone of irritating dust particles comes out of the mouth of the Dust Devil and automatically hits — targets within the cone must beat a 16 DEX Skill Check to evade the blast. Those that fail suffer from itching skin and burning eyes. Effects: -4 to AC and -2 to all Attack Rolls for 3 rounds.
Blur of Dust: Once per hour lasting 3 rounds a Dust Devil can surround itself in a small cloud of dust making them difficult to see. Anyone trying to attack them must roll with Disadvantage. (Its up to the GM as to whether or the Dust Devils begin their attack protected by a Blur of Dust.)
Wall of Dust: Once per day and lasting one round a Dust Devil may create a wall of moving dust that can deflect some attacks. Effects: all arrows and other such ‘slow’ projectiles are blocked, and bullets are partially deflected and melee attacks are more difficult — roll with Disadvantage.
Fast Healing: Dust Devils can recover up to 2 Hit Points each round at the beginning of their turn.

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