Looking for the Free Microlite20/7x/8x/2020 Rules Downloads?

There are well over 100 free downloads of rules (and more) for Microlite20, Microlite2020, Microlite7x, Microlite 81, and their many variants in the Game Download Library area below. These files can be downloaded without creating a membership on this site.




Site Update:

My time is becoming more limited and maintaining Wordpress has gotten to be too much of a chore. Therefore the Wordpress portion of this site will be going away. It's not used much to begin with, because of my lack of time. This forum and its downloads will remain, of course. I'm not sure when the Wordpress part of the site will be going away due to that lack of real life time I mentioned, but soon.

Happy 100 Members!

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Happy 100 Members!

Post by quaffeine »

Just noticed this forum has reached 100 members... huzzah!!!

Hats off to @randalls for keeping that lights on here. I do wish we could entice some of the 400+ members of the FB group to participate here as well, I'd much rather see the community grow here than just feed Meta's ad revenue.

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