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Update (19 Jun 23):

As I mentioned many weeks ago, maintaining the seldom used Wordpress side of this site became too much of a bother, especially as parts of Wordpress are constantly updating and some those updates break things -- like access to this forum. I'm finally had time to remove it. The forum should stop disappearing from view now.

As many of you know, my wife has had MS for about 20 years now. It has gotten to the stage where helping her takes a lot more of my time that it used to. This means visits to this board have become few and far between. I'm looking for a couple of members willing to help moderate this board. Note that if your idea of good moderation is anything similar the way boards like RPG.net are moderated, do not bother volunteering. Good moderation isn't about forcing your opinions, ideological positions, or biases on members via your power to gag and ban, it is about being helpful to all members (even those you don't like/disagree with), cleaning up after spammers, and enforcing the rules with the lightest hand possible and only doing so when the rules are actually broken. If you are interested in any message board moderation position on any board because of the supposed "power" it will give you, you are (IMHO) the wrong person for the job. If you are interested, PM me. It may taken quite a while to reply, unfortunately.

The Forum @ RLR Discussions Rules

Ask questions and/or make comments and suggestions about the Rules Lite RPGs' forum, community, and web site here.

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The Forum @ RLR Discussions Rules

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The Forum @ Rules Light RPGs is a community for the discussion, creation and play of rules light tabletop RPGs. The rules are simple and are basically the same as for the web site as a whole:

  • Don’t be a rude jackass, a troll, a spammer, or a bull in the china shop.

  • No personal attacks or hate speech. Debate and disagreement is fine, just keep it about ideas — not the people who hold them.

  • No current/recent real-world politics (of any type) or posts that are thin veils for such. Everyone is entitled to their political beliefs, but this community is not the place to display/discuss them.

  • Limit advertising and shameless plugs to Ye Olde Bazaar and all such plugs must be for tabletop RPG products.

  • Don’t post illegal stuff (e.g. links to pirated material).

  • Finally, please remember that there is no “one true way” to play (or design) tabletop RPGs. A good tabletop RPGs is fun for both the players and the gamemaster — and what is “fun” highly subjective.

In other words, don’t be the annoying person no one wants at their game table. (The staff will warn and, if necessary, eject people who insist on being that person.)

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