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Rules Light RPGs Discord?

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Rules Light RPGs Discord?

Post by randalls »


Back when this site was Microlite20 Nexus, I had requests to set up a Discord server for this site. I never did because I don't have time to be active on a Discord server. However, I'm hoping that if this new site attracts more active users some of those users might like Discord, be on Discord a lot, and be willing to help moderate a Rules Light RPGs Discord server.

I have a mod for this forum and a wonderful Wordpress plugin (Argus) that could be used to integrate the website/forum and a discord server relatively closely.

If you are a Discord addict and would be willing to moderate a Rules Light RPGs server, please say so.

Heck, even you you don't have the time or interest to be a moderator, if you would be interested in participating on a Rules Light RPGs Discord server, please say so.

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Re: Rules Light RPGs Discord?

Post by gjbkk »

I would be interested in joining a discord server.

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